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The Christmas tree is often referred to as the pagan tradition and Christianity rituals, and a variant of evergreen bishops and pagan bishops at the highest peak of the time is included in the cult of the tree [38] . Pasima is the phrase used in the English language. The Christmas tree was recorded for the first time in 1835 [36] and represents a rectangle of the German language. Today’s Christmas tree is considered a habit. Century Century van Renteghem, Tony in Rimini When Santa Claus was a magician. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publishing, Martin Luther began in the sixteenth century. [39] [40] [40] [40] The first thing that came from Germany to England became the custom of Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III. Initiated, but Prince Albert was successfully moved by Victoria Fast’s government at the same time, German immigrants began this practice in the United States. [41] The Christmas tree is also decorated with Christmas lights and decorations.

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Since the 19th century, Christmas silletia has started to connect. Other popular holiday plants are Holi Amberlal Red, Amaryllis and Christmas Plant. In addition to the Christmas tree, the house is decorated with other plants, including flower displays and the usual spring leaves. They are included.

Australia, the Americas and parts of Europe are traditionally decorated, including decorative sleds, sleeves, ice caps and other Christmas statues. The community often decorates Christmas. Nana hangs from the lamppost and the Christmas plants are kept in each neighborhood. [42]

In the colorful paper of the western world, secular or religious Christmas motifs form the rolls of paper in which people pack their presents. The Christmas Village demonstration has a long tradition in many homes this season. Other traditional decorations: bells, candles, candy canes.]] The big socks are crowns and angels.

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The preparations for Christmas take place on the evening of the 12th, the afternoon of January 5th.

Christmas card

Faroe Island Christmas Cards 2000 featuring some words from the Gospel of John (John 1:14) and works of art by Anker Eli Petersen.
In many countries, commemorative stamps were issued at Christmas. At first, Taekwatts were used to send Christmas cards, especially philatelists (philatelists). There are also current stamps. Like the rest of the stamps, it does not have a Christmas stamp and can be used for twelve months. They are usually sold from early October to early December and are printed very long. you do

In 1898, the postal rate of the imperial currency was inaugurated by Canada stamped. This foot of mark consists of a sphere and under “Accus 1898”. In 1937, Austria placed two greeting cards in which the signs of the rose and the zodiac appear; In 1939, Brazil issued semi-postal stamps of 4 cm (Brazilian). There are three kings and a star of Bethlehem, one of the angels and children, the Southern Cross and the child, as well as the images of a mother and a child.

The US Postal Service UU publishes annually a religious theme and a secular seal in this sacrament.


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Christmas business
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Christmas display stand in Brazilian shopping malls.
Christmas usually brings the greatest annual economic incentive in many countries. Sales in all retail stores are increasing suddenly. New stores are available in the stores, while people decorate gifts and other belongings. In the United States, the “Christmas shopping season” usually begins on Black Friday thanks to Thanksgiving Day, day after day, although many Christmas items start again in October [43].

In most areas, Christmas Day is the least busy day of the year for business and commerce, and almost all commercial and institutional retail stores are closed. Almost all sectors of activity complete the activity (compared to another day of the year) of English law and Christmas Day 2004 (trade) of 2004 in Wales (England and Wales). Protect yourself from all important business on Christmas Day. Scotland is currently preparing similar laws. In film studios, many of Mehheni’s films are broadcast during these holidays, in which Christmas movies were a fantasy or a dramatic drama and their production was quite high.


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According to an economist’s analysis, conservative microeconomic theory is based on increased donations due to increased donations. Christmas is an unexpected effect resulting from the combination of gifts and Rega

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